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fuck me if you can ♥
19 June 2009 @ 09:49 pm
tomorrow is gonna be awful.
fuck me if you can ♥
12 July 2007 @ 01:02 am
Oh, hello there <3
First post! =)

Well... CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME??? ;__;
I dunno why but... my header is covered by that... um... grey stripe? XD my god ._.
How can I repair? Whatever, I just wanna beeee.. aliiiveeee (okay i should stop singing buffy musical's songs ._.).
Um... anywhooo... really, is there anyone who can help me (SIMO, MAYBE? <3) I'm really lost ---

OH, right! Today I saw Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix... great movie *-*
I loved it <3 Harry's possession was... incredible, he's sooooo good... he improved his acting a lot.. i love that ^^ Hermione seems like a man, poor girl xD Ginny.. hate her. Always did, always will. LOL.
What about Sirius? Gosh, he died so... ugh, bad. I mean it wasn't a sad moment, it was just like "uh, he died, well... never mind, it happened, life goes on". Ew. I was supposed to cry.. but I didnt.. that's a shame :(
Then... Harry and Cho kissing... they are so cute *-* actually i didnt imagine they could have been doing it for so long xD but i appreciated it LOL. Umbridge for presidente, ahah <3 Voldie's sooo hot :Q__ and Ron is very sweet!!!

Yawn. I'm kinda tired. I even had a fight, before. Some people are so stupid. Have I ever said I hate bossy people?

That's enough.. ciao ^^
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